How to thread a sewing machine properly

In case you are looking to sew your own fabric then it is suggested to know about sewing techniques and tips involved in the sewing machine. Suppose you are a new sewing user then threading the sewing machine might be considered as quiet difficult task. In such kind of situation you can get help from experienced people because they can offer excellent guidance to thread the sewing machine.

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Effective ways to thread the sewing machine

In case you are struggled to thread the sewing machine then you must follow some useful ways which is sufficient to sew your fabric in safest way such as

  • Winding the bobbin
  • Threading the sewing machine
  • Drop the bobbin into the place
  • Start winding the thread
  • Pull the thread down
  • Wrap thread around take up lever
  • Thread the needle
  • Expose the bobbin thread

In fact disengage the needle is usually done with one full rotation on machine that is useful to thread in efficient way. This kind of the instructions are mostly varying from machine and in case you use basic sewing machine then you must follow some detailed work. When you plan to thread the sewing machine then you must require certain things such as sewing machine, needle, scissors, thread and empty bobbin. The first thing people must thread on the spool pin and try to place it on the spool cap. Most of the machines are consisting of the plastic wheel which is called as the spool cap. In a modern world most of the machines are coming with the thread guide so that you can easily sew the cloth. After that you must select the bobbin which is especially working on your sewing machine. Once you successfully choose the bobbin then you must slide onto the bobbin winder. Suppose bobbin might not consist of the hole then push the thread thoroughly and simply wrap it around the bobbin with several times before you plan to move on further step. At the same time bobbin pin must touch the bobbin winder so that you may not face any kinds of problems. Many of the sewing machines consist of the same features but you must carefully pick the best one according to your desire. It is always recommended to refer the machine manual so that you can easily thread the sewing machine.

Useful tips to thread the sewing machine

In a present world most of the people thought that threading a sewing machine is quiet easy step but actually it is difficult one. You must keep the thread properly at the tension discs and try to understand how to turn series of numbers. In a technology world most of the websites are offering useful guide and tips to learn about thread the sewing machine. When you plan to thread the needle then you must unplug the machine or else you might suffer from injuries. If you follow the tips carefully then you can thread the sewing machine easily.

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