To know about serging without a serger

In case you are looking to acquire excellent seam finishes then you might be struggled a lot because you may look for the serger. In case you are a newbie or you may not have serger then you can effortlessly create the seams. Without serger you can create the more numbers of the seam finishes. It is one of the best ways to acquire the seam finishes and most of the professional people are interested to make seam finishes without serger.

How to create the seam finishes without use of serger

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In case you are not having serger and still you are looking to create the seam finishes then you can do the below seam finishes such as

  • Zig-zag
  • French seam
  • Turned under edges
  • Over locking
  • Bound edges
  • Pinking

Zigzag finish is mostly used to get excellent finish especially when you use the bulky or thick fabrics. Try to sew the Zig zag about 1/8 inches from the seam allowance and you can also choose the exact width and length according to your requirements. In case you are using fine fabrics and look to achieve the professional look then you must use the French seam. People interested to choose pinked seams because it is one of the simple ways to prevent unraveling and you can easily achieve the excellent finish seams. It is really working on the woven fabrics particularly tightly woven fabrics. There are effective ways are there to seam the zigzag stitch and first thing you can use the correct seam allowance. In a present world most of the people are willing to choose the hand overcast because it is offered accurate stitching. If you use the zigzagged seams then you can take the control ravelly fabric. There are two different kinds of techniques are there which is quiet similar to acquire finish seams without serger. In case you plan to use the heavier weight woven fabric then you can choose the bound seams because it will change the way of fabric drapes. There are more numbers of the techniques are involved in the serging and for this technique you no need to use the serger.

How to get the finish seams without the use of serger

In case you are looking for the best seam finish then French seam is the best choice and it is the ideal choice for children clothing. This kind of the seam is the best choice to straight seam but it is not recommended for the curved seams. If you finishing the seams without the serger can create all kinds of home d├ęcor project or garment is offered the finished look. Suppose you are a beginner to create the finish seams then you can acquire help from professional sewer because they will guide you to get the perfect finish seams. In case you are not having serger then you no need to worry because you can also do the serging without the help of serger and it is mostly useful to gain professional look.

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